An adventure piece in a Make Our Book publication
Give children a real reason to write
Get started

Make Our Book brings publishing to the classroom, and can be a fund-raiser, too. Here’s how it works.

Write and draw

Introduce this important project, then have the children write and illustrate their pieces, on paper. Some books are whole school projects; others are by one class, one year group, a home education group or even one child.


Either have organisers, teachers and TAs scan pictures and type work in to your book project page on this website, or let older children use ICT sessions to take ownership and do their own. Our image uploader matches the file's name to the child's name, to save you time.


Proofreading your own work is a key Communication milestone, so print out the PDF of the book for children to proofread, then make their edits. The website automatically updates the typeset PDF, so you can change the words as much as you like without creating more work for yourself.

Collect payment

Just like for a school or group trip, write to parents and carers, who tell you how many copies they want, and who send their payment to school. You control the price, so if you want to raise money, price accordingly. Most schools choose to charge parents and carers about £6 to £10 a copy. See how much you'll raise with the price calculator.

Place order

Place the order with us, and we print and deliver the books to school, to be sent home in the proud authors' bags, or to the organiser for handing out.

Want to find out more?

Read our story to find out how Make Our Book came to be, or email our founder, Emma Barnes (, to ask any questions about planning your own project. Or click below to get started, show yourself around your new account – it doesn't cost anything – and start imagining your own children's work, beautifully elevated and preserved in print.

An illustrated piece about pirates being created in Make Our Book
The publishing platform, where you type in the pieces and upload the pictures.
A cover generated by Make Our Book generates a beautiful cover, too.