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Proper books, written
& illustrated by
your children
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Create unmatchable feelings of self-worth

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How our school publishing works

Write and draw

Over Book Week, or a whole term, introduce this important project then have the children write and illustrate their pieces, on paper.

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Either have teachers and TAs scan pictures and type work in, or let older children use ICT sessions to take ownership and do their own.


Proofreading your own work is a key Communication milestone, so print out the book (free) for children to edit.

Collect payment

Write to parents and carers, who tell you how many copies they want and send their payment to school, like for a school trip.

Place order

Place the order with us, and we print and deliver the books to your school, to be sent home in the proud authors' bags.

Our beautiful books, created and loved by children themselves

An achievable one-stop-shop for literacy, fundraising, and curriculum enrichment

Literacy co-ordinators

This makes a positive, motivational impact on the educational progress of all pupils in the school. I can use it to bring the school together, enhancing the classroom practice of teaching staff and teaching assistants. And it's a wonderful way to share our hard work with parents and families.

Encourage reading through becoming authors

PTA bodies

Using an online platform to turn one of the Whole School Writes into a beautifully printed book is a wonderful way to raise funds. We get a keepsake of our children's creative writing accomplishments, with some of the money we spend on copies going towards our fundraising.

Raise money whilst supporting school literacy

The children

It gave me a reason to write, and to try really hard and make sure there were no mistakes, because I could imagine my family reading it in real life, which makes me want to try extra hard. I get our book out as my library book a lot and I like reading it because it makes us feel like we are writers!

A tangible artefact to be proud of, and a focus for trying hard

School leadership

We are always looking for innovative ways to balance diminishing budgets with the need to find new ways to inspire our children. Make Our Book combines ICT and Communication milestones with the raw delight and sheer pride of a child seeing their words in print for the very first time.

Surpass goals without breaking the bank or overloading teachers

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